Mac-Vin Rubber Pte Ltd traces its origin back to 1995 as a trading company. We specialize in the manufacturing of solid and sponge profile, shaped hoses and technical moulded rubber product for building, automotive and other industries.

Together with other associates, Mac-Vin Rubber Pte Ltd have accumulated years of experience in providing the expertise and technical assistant required in this industry. Today, Mac-Vin Rubber Pte Ltd is one of the top manufacturer of extrusion parts for building, shipyard and automotive in Singapore.

In 2002, Mac-Vin Rubber Pte Ltd went into joint venture with P.C. Rubber Pte Ltd to set up a factory, P.T. Pong Codan Indonesia, to produce automotive rubber parts in Indonesia. Through this joint venture, Mac-Vin Rubber Pte Ltd is able to tap on the benefit of both the European and Japanese technology to increase the range of rubber products available for the domestic high quality market as well as the export market.

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Our production is equipped with a wide range of machineries from the initial mixing of rubber compound to extrusion and precision moulded parts.

Address: No.119 Kaki Bukit Avenue 1, Shun Li Industrial Park, Singapore 415994

Phone: (65) 6743 5565

Fax: (65) 6749 5565

Email: mac_vin@singnet.com.sg